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Dallas Sickle Cell Organization is aware that the first step to eliminating the stigma surrounding sickle cell disorder is through awareness, in order to advocate for affected individuals and to educate the rest of society as well.

Our organization strives to do everything possible to get those affected by Sickle Cell Disorder, the help they need to prevent, cope, and live with their conditions.

We are committed to helping employees feel truly connected to our organization. We help them find ways to become more involved in our efforts to end the stigma surrounding sickle cell disorder, spread awareness to the public, and give support to affected individuals.

Dallas Sickle Cell Organization helps employees connect to our mission and purpose through:

  • Fundraising- fundraising for a good cause such as Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD) will help us reach our goals of funding research efforts, creating awareness and providing the much needed support to individuals affected by sickle cell disorder. Employees that have been looking for a way to give back to society can finally fulfill that desire with this option.
  • Volunteering- while monetary contributions are a lot of help, there are other ways for employees to donate. Taking time to learn and talk about Sickle Cell Disease with friends and family is a prime example of that. One’s time and effort are just as valuable, if not more valuable, than money.
  • Blood Drives – an employee’s blood donation would be a great help to sickle cell warriors, who require regular blood transfusions to ensure that their red blood cells circulate smoothly throughout their bodies.
  • Campaigning – educating all of society about Sickle Cell Disease is no easy task. Your employees have the freedom to reinforce their purpose in the company by working side by side with our organization in fighting for our cause and making a difference in the world.

Employees can start or get behind campaigns that focus on blood testing for children and partners, supporting family members and friends of sickle cell warriors, including sickle cell trait carriers, giving a voice to afflicted individuals, and participate in other virtual campaigns to improve the lives of our society’s sickle cell warriors and sickle cell trait carriers.

For assistance, please contact a representative of our organization at +1-888-392-7573.