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Once you have provided for your loved ones, a gift to Dallas Sickle Cell Organization in your will can make a significant impact on the lives of children, individuals, and families affected by sickle cell disorder.

Why Leave a Gift?
By including us in your will, you can make a big impact on the lives of children, individuals, and families affected by sickle cell disorder, now and into the future. Your generous gift will help so many people who are affected by this disorder to get the funding and resources they need for treatments, other necessary support and a possible cure to Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD).

It will change lives. Your gift will play a critical role in making sure that Dallas Sickle Cell Organization can continue to support individuals and families when they turn to us for help.

Types of Gifts
There are numerous types of gifts that you can leave for us in your will, including:

  • A specific amount of money
  • A residual bequest
  • A specific item of value

How to Leave a Gift in Your Will
Including us in your will is a fairly easy process. Just follow these steps:

  • Contact us. We are here to offer all of the information that you need so that you can include us in your will.
  • Discuss your decision. Talk to your legal team to ensure that everything is above board. Make sure to talk to your family as well to make sure that they support and understand your reasons for choosing to help Dallas Sickle Cell Organization in such a significant way.
  • Once you have settled all the details, please do let us know. It is not necessary to give us any specific information about what is written in your will although; we would love to have the opportunity to thank you.

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