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When people work together to drive a common cause, the impact results in a lasting change. We collaborate with various groups to make a huge impact on society, especially the ones whom our mission is for – the patients, carriers, and their loved ones.

People with sickle cell disease and those who carry the sickle cell trait are all over the world. They can be infants, children, teenagers, adults, or the elderly. They may or may not know that they have this condition or are carriers of such trait.

The Dallas Sickle Cell Organization understands that it can be hard for one organization to work alone in defeating this worldwide health concern. Collaboration with various individuals and organizations will be a great help in realizing our main mission. We team up with different individuals who believe in our cause as well as partner with other charity organizations and businesses to support our recipients.

Our Actions

The entire Dallas Sickle Cell Organization takes the necessary actions to be of valuable assistance to patients with sickle cell disease, sickle cell trait carriers, their families, and loved ones. These actions are clearly shown in the programs and initiatives we implement for the benefit of our recipients:

  • Raising Awareness

    The first action to take is to let the right people know about the condition. A lot of people do not know what sickle cell disease is, how it can affect their health, and more. Most carriers do not even know that they are carrying the sickle cell trait until it is too late. Our organization develops and implements programs that will help spread crucial, relevant, and timely information about the condition.

  • Raising Funds

    Funds are essential in the implementation of short-term and long-term projects useful for the treatment of patients and the total elimination of sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait. We do our best to raise the necessary funds to continue developing and implementing solutions for patients, carriers, and their families.

Our bold and meaningful actions spring from our desire to make our mission a reality and envisioning a world where neither sickle cell disease nor trait is present. We have organizational partners and will continue to find more partners who will help us create a lasting change and impact on the entire world.

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